Largest Square Without Corners

EICC - Venue 150 - Pentland Auditorium
150 Morrison Street

Dance Physical Theatre and Circus

Sat 17 Aug 2019 15:00 (60 minutes)

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This dancing poetry is inspired by Tao Te Ching, which says that the largest square has no corners. Lao Tzu put forward this kind of aesthetic concept in ancient Chinese literary theory, intending to praise natural, rather than artificial, beauty. The overall style of the work is influenced by Chinese painting and calligraphy. It is a classical dance that conforms to the contemporary Chinese aesthetic consciousness. The whole work is presented in the form of group dances which fall into the unified aesthetic category. Audience can feel clearly the artistic conception of painting and calligraphy.
Type Price(s) Quantity
Full Price £10.00
Concession £6.00
Family £6.00